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How To Break Up A Dog Fight

How To Break Up A Dog Fight
Emmanuel Samuel Osita
I know this question might be bothering most of you guys, especially since quarantined humans aren't able to provide necessary food items, making them hungry and aggressive. Some of you guys might have seen one or two dogs fight and we all know that fighting isn't a good thing even to us humans.
Now, fight as we all know is a physical conflict which involves violence coming from both parties involved in it and when such a situation like this happens, there's bound to be major injuries which can lead to serious complications.
Seeing two dogs fight can be more frightening than a mere nightmare. Hey! I know some of you guys are like “WTF” but really dogs can do serious harm to each other during a fight or attack and in some cases, these injuries can even lead to death.
As a dog owner and lover, you just can't stop yourself from jumping in to stop the fight cause really the thought of seeing your dog or a dog badly injured won't let your mind be at rest.
Enough words, let's get into the main reason why you're here but first.
Why Do Dogs Fight?

Now, this is another question you need to ask yourself before thinking on how to break a dog fight. 
As some of you guys might know, most dogs get into fights due to some reasons of which most of them are simply rooted from their natural canine instincts.
Also, there are some situations when even the friendliest dog automatically turns into a vicious fighter but really don't get that scared, it's just their natural canine instincts like I wrote earlier.
So, here are some various reasons why dogs fight.
  • Most fights are basically territorial, whereby a strange dog enters your yard which is now known to your dog to be their own.
  • The urge to protect the people in its pack, its food, or some prized possession may provoke your dog to attack another dog.
  • Again, some dogs just don't get along with others. There may be something about the other dog that an aggressive dog may not like, whether it's the dog's personality, smell or other.
  • Most times, frustration can actually provoke a dog, making the dog more aggressive and it turns leading to fight when it comes with another dog. Just for the main reason of getting over that frustration.
So basically, those things listed up there are some of the reasons or factors that cause dogs to fight. I also know you're still bothered about this question, “How to break up a dog fight?”.
But before we go into that, you might need to know the warning signs of a dog fight. 
  •  Growling
  •  Bared teeth
  •  Flattened ears
  •  Raised hackles
  •  Stiffness
  •  Staring
These few signs can really help in quickly noticing a dog fight. Also, understanding these signs can prevent a dog fight from happening but if it still kick off, then you need to know this.

Ways To Break Up A Dog Fight
Remain Calm
First and foremost you need to remain calm as possible. Just don't rush into the fight and get physical with them to avoid being bitten. 
Though you're the beloved owner of that dog, don't just think it won't bit you. In the heat of a dogfight, your dog doesn't see who's intervening and will bite anything in its way. 
Don't underestimate your dog. It's not personal. Remember, if your dog is injured, it will need you to take care of it, and you can't do that if you have been injured in breaking up a fight.​
Also, avoid yelling at the dogs and advise others to do the same (if you called for help). Take a deep breath and focus on the task at hand.

Check the Scene
Look around the scene of the fight to check if any child is close to it and it's best if no other person than the two owners of the dogs is around the scene. So, make sure that other people are far away for them.

Spray Water On Them
This is quite an ideal way of separating a dog fight. Spraying them down with water from a garden hose at the heads of the dogs will surely cool them down. 
Aim specifically for the eyes and nose of the more aggressive dog, if possible. A bucket or spray bottle filled with water may be less effective but is worth a try if you don't have access to a hose.
Also, using citronella spray like spray shield or vinegar spray in the face may break up a less-intense fight but usually not the worst fights. Dog owners may consider carrying citronella spray with them. 
Dogs really dislike the smell and it could offer a brief distraction. In fact, many veterinary experts recommend citronella sprays over pepper spray. It may be just as effective and doesn't have potentially harmful effects. 
Pepper spray and CO2 fire extinguishers have been suggested but really should only be used as a last resort as they can cause damage to a dog's eyes, skin and mucous membranes not to mention potentially harm people nearby.

Make Loud Noise
This is really helpful in less intensive fights such as air horns or the sound of a car horn maybe jarring enough to snap fighting dogs out of it. Also, shouting and screaming at the dogs rarely works and usually has the opposite effect of intensifying the fight.

Make Use Of Objects
Making use of a heavy blanket by throwing it over to the dog during a fight will momentarily break their focus and help end the fight. 
Using other objects like a long automatic umbrella between two fighting dogs will be quite helpful in breaking up the fight but actually this technique doesn't usually go well for serious fights.

Use the "Wheelbarrow Method"
Now this is the physical method on how to break up a dog fight. The wheelbarrow method involves two adults (the dogs' respective owners if possible) but if there are more than two dogs involved, there should be one human per dog.
Each person should approach a dog slowly from behind. At the same time, each person should firmly grab hold of the back legs of their respective dog and walk backward (think of using a wheelbarrow). 
It's important that this is done at the same time for each dog. If one dog is on top of the other, the top dog should be pulled back first, and the bottom dog should be pulled back as soon as it stands up.
Also, make sure each person stays far away from the other dog(s), and quickly begin circling to one side. The main idea of doing this, is to force the dog to keep itself upright by following the circular path with its front paws and don't stop because the dog may be able to flip around and bite you.
Never stop walking backward until the dog is in an enclosed place where it can no longer see the other dog and if no enclosures, then you have to continue the motion till the dog is calmed enough for you to safely attach a leash on it.

Conclusion On How To Break Up A Dog Fight
Since the answer to your question, "how to break up a dog fight" has been listed above but there are still few things you ought to do after the fight.
Firstly, keep to my mind about everyone's safety and as soon as the dog is apart, never let them interact during that day or so even if they seem calmed. 
Separate them from each other by practically making sure that each dog is in their respective homes and if both dogs are yours, do put them in separate rooms or in their crates.
Again, do examine your dog for injuries due to dog bites which might not be noticeable to untrained eyes, and no matter how little it is, contact your vet immediately to avoid complications. 
But I'd advise you take your time to study the signs of a dog fight to prevent it from happening cause really “prevention is better than cure”.

Emmanuel Samuel, The founder and author of DogsBreedHub,  , lives in West Africa with his dog and he's also a student of mechatronics engineering. Emmanuel is a passionate blogger and a dog lover who wants to use his blog to educate people about caring for dog.


  1. Having grown up with dogs as a kid on a farm, I wish I had had this knowledge! Would have come in handy on more than one occassion!

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