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Are You A Pet Parent? What Can You Do During Corona Virus Quarantine?

Are You A Pet Parent? What Can You Do During Corona Virus Quarantine?

 Meghna 'Phoenix' Ghatak

We all have been reading daily that COVID-19 is a pneumonia-like epidemic disease spread by a virus with its epicenter in Wuhan, China. While it's unfortunate that people from China or with the appearance of China are at the wrong end of the bullying, multiple pets have been abandoned sadly for rumor has it that they can transmit the virus.
Numerous companies have provided the option of work from home to their employees but while education institutions, entertainment shops etc have closed, most people in India do not understand that India has entered phase 2 and might soon enter phase 3 of the COVID-19 epidemic.
It's satisfactory to hear that people who are working in smaller private sector firms and institutes have also been finally allowed to practice social distancing. Now, if you are a pet parent, what can you do during this quarantine time with your pets?

1.     Make videos and velfies with them. - It’s extremely fashionable these days to shoot TikTok and Musically with them. So follow the trend and be social media ready with the latest selfies by pampering them with treats.

2.      Do not go out for their potty breaks - While they can't catch the virus, they might still carry them in their fur or stool that might infect others and in turn - you. Dogs have a habit of sniffing dirty places or strays and this has to be avoided during walks. It's easy for duplex dwellers but may be difficult for apartment dwellers, so teach you pets to use the bathroom during this emergency.
3.    Take disinfection baths - Take relaxing long baths with disinfectants such as dettol to boost your immunity and also clean/trim the fur and nails of your pooches. Use pet shampoo to clean even your apartment confined cats and birds. Wash your fish tank and try out a new decoration for them to swim around.

4.  Teach them new tricks - It's time consuming to teach pets tricks but they are intelligent creatures who thrive in attention. Watch the numerous tutorial videos floating around on the web and keep a bag of treats ready. Then record them and share them with your friends.

5.      Do not switch on the AC/Cooler – Yes, we are asking you to not just reduce the carbon footprint but to keep COVID-19 at bay this fortnight. The virus gets active in cold temperatures, so ditch the AC to avoid activating any latent virus present around as it can survive for a day without a host. Soak up on some sun instead to boost your immunity while sipping some lemonade.

6.   Netflix and Chill – While you are practicing social distancing, catch up on your favorite shows and binge watch more on Amazon, YouTube, Hotstar and the like on your mobile or laptop or television. Don’t forget to give belly rubs and ear scratches as you immerse yourself in the digital fun.

7.   Exercise with them - Pets get irritated during inactivity so don't just lounge around with them. Since you can't shred it in the gym, do some light cardio by picking them up or just chase them around in the house.

8.   Balcony bark party - If your dog or cat considers you family, they would love it if you sit with them in your balcony or window so that they can supervise the world around them. Let them stare at the world and bark while you participate in tomorrow's Janta curfew to show your appreciation of the precautionary work done by the government.

Quarantine has been a successful precaution during every epidemic since the great plague in Italy from where the word had originated in the early 14th century. Let's honor the sacrifice of the corona virus whistleblower Dr Li Wenliang and avoid traveling in crowded spaces. Let’s learn from Italy's sad trail of deaths and protect ourselves. Let our pets beat the stress of the quarantine and with them let's beat the virus.


  1. Wow Meghna Phoenix... Article is nice .. Thankyou Himanshu for sharing it

  2. Arey daarun .... Its a great suggestion.... You actually managed to teach me something.

  3. A very thoughtful post considering the current situation! :)


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