Australia and Amazon Forest Fires: Cheering the Champions

Australia and Amazon Forest Fires: Cheering the Champions 

Meghna ‘Phoenix’ Ghatak 

 2019 has been the year of the forest fires where dry season and droughts led to the biggest damage to Earth’s lungs. Naturally forest and bush fires happen and are subject to a lot of folklore around the world as ignis fatuus (fool’s fire) where dry grass along with atmospheric combustion of gases lead to ghostly flames. They are the commonest ways of clearing out a wooded area for agricultural, mining and housing activities which had already depleted the Amazon’s forest cover and its supply of indigenous natural beauty. This method has been practiced by man to satisfy his greed for so long that it has actually been depicted in Mahabharat as the burning of Khandava forest to build the Indraprasta palace for the Pandavas. Apparently, the god of fire asked to be appeased in exchange for ethereal weapons, an entire community of Nagas perished and only selected creatures survived to provide for the construction. Hushed tongues and controversial news talk about the involvement of business tycoons to intensify the already existing ‘natural problem’ of bushfires into a global environmental disaster. On the plus side, Indra fought for Khandava forest, much as it now by raining on Australia after the destruction of 10 million hectares and 200 million hectares in both the fires respectively but the battle may just not be over yet.

 Let’s cheer on the celebrities who have donated millions of dollars for rebuilding Australia’s scenic islands and its population’s homes. Let’s cheer the fire-fighters many of whom laid down their lives to gut the fires. Let’s cheer the locals who opened their arms to save the nation’s koalas and kangaroos from the fire and the ones who opened their houses to the escaped ones. 

While we cheer on a virtual platform, let’s plant trees in our vicinity on the actual platform, to try and grow more air sacs/bronchi for the depleting lungs of our planet. Any small space in the city, in your apartment, on your office desk, in your garage; can cultivate air sacs for you and your family. The greenery will bring forth rains, keeping droughts at bay if the rain water is stored efficiently. Keeping a water bowl outside your property for animals during the droughts or summers will help strays quench their thirst for we have our chilled and bottled water but for them, we are messiahs.
Team Pawcept will be there in Bhopal to support Dream Bhopal Green Bhopal in its tree plantation drive tomorrow (11 January,2020) at BMC nursery, adjacent to the airport and we urge you to participate as well.


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