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Bhopal Pedigreed Dog and Cat Show 2019

Bhopal Pedigreed Dog and Cat Show 2019

Meghna ‘Phoenix’ Ghatak

The Venue

As the year draws to a close, we realize that we will soon enter a new decade of the 21st century. The weather is cold in most parts of India and central India’s Bhopal is no less bearing the brunt of the icy breeze. Yet Hoshangabad Road saw a lot of footfall on Sunday afternoon in a garden opposite Scope College where Kennel Club of Bhopal and Feline Club of India jointly organized 9th and 10th All Breed Championship Dog Show with Labrador retriever Specialty as well as 7th and 8th Championship Cat Shows, (Central Zone). Both the events were jointly advertised as Bhopal Pet Show with exotic birds and animal display and took place on 29th December, 2019. 
Doberman Pincers 

The garden was decked with stalls selling pet food and supplies that the audience had to gain access to after paying a basic fee at the entrance. The dog show area was crowded with dog lovers awing at the dogs waiting for their turn in the championship and owners happily obliged for pictures and selfies with their dogs. Most of the dogs were well trained and were not perturbed by the influx of unfamiliar dogs and people or the strangeness of the venue. Since the afternoon was sunny, many dogs could be seen napping, plonked on the grass, people stroking their bellies and clicking pictures with them. Over 350 dogs belonging to 36 different species were present in the garden with their respective owners who could be seen constantly grooming them before their turns. Weimaraner, Akita, Dachshund, French Bulldog, Husky, Chihuahua, Doberman Pincher, Great Dane, Chow Chow were some of the exotic breeds competing while Rampur Hound, Samoyed and Borzoi were also seen walking with their owners.
Chow Chow with its owner

In a big white tent by the ongoing dog show, 250 cats of over 40 different exotic species were displayed in little cages lined up on tables with their owners sitting close by. The tent was also lined by stalls selling cat food and supplies with pictures of exotic cats that could actually be seen snoozing in their cages. The event managers requested the audience to not prod the sleeping felines as they might get grumpy before their turn on the stage which might look bad for the owners. Most of the varieties of Persian cats such as the Persian doll face, Persian Peke-face etc along with Siamese, Himalayan, Bengal, British Shorthair, Chartreux could be found in myriads of colours in the championship. A small display of parakeets, pairs of love birds, yellow cockatoos etc could be seen whistling in white cages with their owners interacting with audience trying to mimic the birds.
A colorful Persian cat

Check out all the beautiful pictures of the show here.  
Man displaying his Doberman

Girl with her thirsty Great Danes

Man displaying his Boxer dog

A Chihuahua

Man displaying his Beagle dog

Man waiting with his German Shepard

Men waiting with Samoyed

A Borzoi and a Husky 

A British Longhair

Siamese Cat

A cat with Chimerism

A Himalayan cat

Lady with her kitten

Persian kittens


A Yellow Cockatoo


People petting Saint Bernard
Rampur Hound


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  2. nice pictures... I'm not really into pet shows simply because I do not see my pets as trophies. I prefer that they are kept at home, safe and sound.


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