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The Beauty of the Rains

The Beauty of the Rains

Anushka Mathur

You cursed the rains,
But you never thought about me
How much I loved the smells of rains
And how insanely I danced seeing the rains
But you loved the sight of my feathers blooming.

I am known as the 'King of birds',
Yet I am considered ugly.
Nevertheless you don't wanna miss the mesmerizing sight of my spreading tail,
That only a handful of you get the opportunity to see.
And you are enchanted by my looks
Then, while it dangles in the light wind, ah it turns black, green and gold, that zodiac of eyes-not these so much.

Now, compare me to other birds
The murderous Swan, and dodo now undone, intimidating dove, hen's ungracious sisterhood, and then consider me that no cry alarms as if already in a boxwood dancing with merriment.

In all these there's the common wound of nature,
No natural hand, can ever stitch
A lessening - whether by want of shape they fail,
Of song or will to live, or something else
How comforting it is to think how magnified the creature is! 

Introducing the newest and the youngest member of Team Pawcept - Anushka!! 

Anushka Mathur is a third year B. A. (hons) English literature student from Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal. She is passionate about writing and is trying to make writing a full time profession. She is full of care and concern and is a keen observer and tries to pen everything down. She tries to end her writings on a positive note so that readers can find peace and positivity in their hectic life schedules.


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