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The Bhopali Messiah of Disabled Dogs

The Bhopali Messiah of Disabled Dogs

Meghna 'Phoenix' Ghatak

It has been said that the greatest pleasure in life is doing exactly what said you shouldn't do. We have been warned since childhood about crusading for someone else's pain, let alone the pain of animals. But in the end, it's not the thought of charity but the action that counts. 
Utkarsh Gare holding his award

Utkarsh Gare, Bhopal based crusader for the disabled dogs, builds customized wheelchairs for them in dirt cheap prices. He noticed that paralyzed dogs, both streetie as well as pets were either abandoned or euthanized for fear of costly treatments. At only 25 years old, he left his budding career in management and started campaigning for the injured and diseased dogs left on the streets and people's pets. His awareness campaigns in and around the state capital have been awarded by the India book of records and Madhya Pradesh Tiger Foundation Society. 

A man walking his pet dog in a wheelchair
The idea for Happy Cart's arose in 2017, when his beloved pet rottweiler 'Happy' fell gravely , developed paralysis and lost movement in his forelegs. Gare found that canine wheelchairs were unavailable locally and if found were extremely expensive, thus he made one at home just for Happy. Unfortunately, Happy couldn't be saved but his master pledged that other Happy's will be made happy by his unique gift of locomotion. After initial drawbacks, Gare succeeded and is now a trend setter among canine wheelchair manufacturers in Bhopal and beyond. 
Utkarsh and Happy

Hence, Happy Cart was established in 2017, named after Happy the Rotwieller, spreading happiness amongst a hundred more Happys, saving them from euthanasia. Today Utkarsh gets orders for canine carts both locally and internationally and has teamed up with a local veterinarian doctor, Dr. Sunil Tumariya. Together, they have established a treatment plan which exclusively treats paralyzed dogs and also have managed to completely cure a few. Various media articles and interviews have already been released about his noble endeavors that have gained him much respect and fame in the state of Madhya Pradesh and beyond. 
Utkarsh and Dr. Sunil Tumariya
The wheelchairs are made in such a unique way that dogs paralysed in their hind or fore legs are given support so that they can drag the rest of their bodies on the two wheels of the cart. The paralyzed part is also fastened to it. The wheelchairs are essentially made of either hard materials which costs approximately seven to eight thousand rupees or plastic which costs three to four thousand rupees. This is way cheaper that the company made ones whose price range start from roughly forty thousand rupees. Gare also provides provision for partial payments so that money shouldn't be a hindrance to the proper locomotion of dogs. On 22nd September 2019, he also plans on giving additional 40% discount on the wheelchairs to celebrate his pet dog's first birthday, whom he rescued from the streets. 
A street dog wearing Gare's customized wheelchair
We at Pawcept, salute and applaud the efforts undertaken by Utkarsh Gare in providing paralyzed dogs a second chance at life and wish him the very best for his future endeavors. 


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