The Story of a Dog Lover Untold

The Story of a Dog Lover Untold

Meghna 'Phoenix' Ghatak

I have always been an unpopular girl. I have grown up in a small town full of people who had backward mentality. Hence being a girl with a cityscape mentality was a much ostracized opinion.  But when life gives you all the wrong people in a bunch, God gives you a creature that has a name spelled just the reverse of God. Dog and the plurality of them waltzed through my life. They didn’t exactly make my life a fairy tale that ended with a happily ever after.  They were my fairy godmothers who single handedly lit every grim corner of my life.
Kuttush was a tiny white ball of fur playfully hurling along with his siblings in my college. It was a common sight where a bevy of girls would giggle and exhale over them. The mother dog was a malnutrition-ed saggy breasted bag of bones. She was a so exhausted of nutrition that she couldn’t feed her pups. I saw the hungry pups rush to her nimbly many a times but every time she would retreat meekly. I now had a history of bringing home pups only to be kicked out along with them. I had until now, only had the luxury of their camaraderie on the streets. I was craving the love of one in my home. I seized one of them one day and took that bundle of joy home. As expected, I was shouted at, kicked out of the house but ultimately, when the night fell in and it began to get cold, I was allowed in with the pup. It was to be just for a night, I was warned. I was to return him to his mother. As fate would have it, his mother passed away in the night. She was run over I was told. Slowly the siblings also disappeared. They were also run over, I was told.

Kuttush meant small in many regional dialects and was the name given to Hedge’s Tintin’s clever dog in one of the translations. My Kuttush was so minuscule; he could easily sit on the palm of my hand. He became the darling of the neighborhood children. Everyone gathered in the evening to play chase with him. I let him be a sociable dog as I wanted to share the gift of his infectious happiness with everyone. Soon he showed keenness in learning tricks and could sit high five, jump, fetch and hug anyone with a treat at ready. He could frolic endlessly without tiring and absolutely loved going on long walks. Nibbling the ears of the streets canines I had befriended was an another favorite of his. 

My parents hadn’t exactly warmed up to him in the 9 months he has been with us. He was very young when I took him in, which was wrong of me and hence he has a slight behavioral problem. We also let him be the alpha dog by not making him submissive by the rule of the rod. All this, topped with his hyperactive playing and destruction of fragile household items has made him very unpopular within the four walls of my house. But for me, he is my guardian who warns me of intruders in my life, an alarm clock that vigilantly wakes me up every morning sharp at 7. He has been my exercise instructor as he insists on long walks every day, curbing my laziness quota. He has given me countless stomach aches resulting from mad peals of laughter on his pranks and tricks to get food. 
Life has not just been a zigzag affair but a labyrinthine one. I have grown up to be an independent girl. Yes, I have found myself alone at major junctures of my life, I have been the lone crusader during tumultuous times and I have wished numerously in these whiles to have a companion. I had many as I saw sunshine but they were all bees trailing my good times. I was told that I hadn’t met good people in my existence of twenty and five years. But when I see my dog snoring by my feet or tugging at my clothes  playfully beckoning me to give him chase or tugging at the end of my towel, I know that I don’t need good people to color my days. I need dogs to lick my suffering clean like their balls and surround me with raised hackles to protect me from a stranger. I need dogs to remind that all that is important is to eat your full, play till you drop asleep, excrete and then eat again. I need dogs to remind me that you sometimes mark your possession or territory and growl to let others know your significance. That you have to perform a few tricks to earn treats and please the one above you and earn your food the right way.  The rest simply falls in pace.


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